Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mexican, Pickles, and Breakfast!

So the enchiladas turned out pretty good, Dan loved them, I on the other hand, have come to realize that I simply am not an enchilada person.  I always thought it was just the recipe, but now I have tried a few different recipes and know it is just me...not the recipe!  These enchiladas came from the Betty Crocker cookbook.

We spend most of the afternoon Saturday canning pickles.  We made 6 jars of refrigerator pickles, and 11 jars of canned dill pickles.  We cracked open the first jar of refrigerator pickles yesterday and I decided we better make more tomorrow because they aren't going to last!

Then, on Sunday morning I made a Hash Brown Ham Quiche (Taste of Homes) for breakfast.  I had to make a few alterations because of the ingredients I had on hand, but it turned out pretty good and I definitely would make it again!

Ta-ta for now!

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