Thursday, July 5, 2012

Success with the corn bread muffins!

Very proud to say that my homemade corn bread muffins (Betty Crocker) turned out far better than the Jiffy mix I tried a year and a half ago!  Dan loved them, and I even was tempted to try one…but I didn’t.  The recipe was so easy-I will never buy a mix again!

I also made chicken burritos (Better Homes and Gardens) which were excellent.  Again, a very easy recipe!  I put two chicken breasts in the crock-pot with some chicken broth and let it sit for 5-6 hours on low.  Once the chicken was cooked, I pulled it apart and mixed some salsa and fajita seasoning with it.  Then I wrapped the chicken in the tortilla shells, and baked them for about 20 minutes.  I served them with our favorite taco fixings and they were great!  Definitely a recipe I will be going back to!

We had another 4th of July get-together so I made Chocolate Mint Brownies (Taste of Homes).  These bars have a special place in my heart because in college, one of my professors would make these for our class quite frequently.  She called them her “boat bars” and I just found out a few months ago from a friend that she actually won a boat in the contest she entered the bars into! 
Anyways, the recipe was pretty easy but it took a while to complete because it had to cool completely between each layer that was added.  Also, there are 3 sticks of butter in the whole recipe so not exactly diet-friendly! 

My last recipe to include in this blog is the Chicken Tetrazzini (Betty Crocker) that I made for supper tonight.  This is a recipe that I have had my students make during the pasta unit, but I myself have never made it or tried it.  My students always love it, so it has been something that I have been meaning to try, but now finally got around to doing it.  With all of that being said, it was really good!  It basically is pasta and chicken with a creamy white sauce that has chicken broth, whipping cream, and parmesan added to it. 
My 5 year old cousin/God-daughter was over today and stayed for supper.  She knew I was making chicken tetrazzini and being extremely picky and having no clue what tetrazzini meant, she kept asking me, “what am I going to eat?”  Dan and I don’t cater to her when she is here as far as making her something we know for sure she will eat.  We make her try what we are eating and then she can have some cottage cheese or fruits/vegetables to go with it as well.   I was anticipating a fight with her to get her to eat this, but she loved it.  She took one bite and said, “Wow! This is really good!” and then ended up eating more than I have seen her eat in months!  So with all of that said, it was great! 
(For some reason the picture of the chicken tetrazzini isn't uploading, I will try again later)

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